05. ACOM


Today JSC “ACOM” is associated with high-tech production, with the potential for further modernization and multistage quality control system products. In 2012-2013, investment in the development of production is 165 million rubles -. More than in all the years of existence of the enterprise.
The company consists of 3 industrial buildings, buildings administrative and domestic use, storage facilities with a total area of 19,786 sq.m.

subject of a contract

The contract to provide services for the independent evaluation of the fire risk.
(Addresses include, GO Zhigulevsk, pr.Otvazhny, 22)
Contract for execution of works for the fire protection measures
The contract for the provision of subscription services


+7 (846) 200-77-88
Object Location: 445007, Russian Federation, Samara region, GO Zhigulevsk, pr.Otvazhny, 22