04.Designing and complex automation

“The company “GRAND ATOM” provides a full complex of services on equipping of engineering and information systems for objects of industrial, civil and special construction.
The application on the phone. Expeditious departure of the expert. Delivery of contract right in your office.

  • Design and automation of engineering systems of buildings
  • Automation of industrial equipment
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Automated control system of technological process (ACS TP)
  • Instrumentation and automation (Instrumentation)
  • Management system structured cable systems (SCS) and the network infrastructure
  • The motion control system
"The EMERCOM of Russia together with the regions will work to boost the construction of objects with round-the-clock stay of people, modern technical and complex systems. And also to carry out the complex of preventive measures to protect the lives and health of people. This will avoid the wrong actions of the personnel or so-called human factor, which in most cases contributes to the onset of heavy consequences". The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov