04.Test the internal fire water supply to water loss

Technical experts «GRAND ATOM» health check is carried out and fluid loss of internal fire water supply networks. Employees of the company detailed study on water supply system risers, fire valves, solenoid valves and so on. As a rule carried out before acceptance of the duplicate objects into operation, the completion of repair work. Tests on water loss ERW should exercise at least twice a year, once in spring and once in the autumn, with the ambient temperature should not fall below 5 ° C.

Tests carried out on water loss at minimum pressure in the main that external network. For example, tests at the facility should be carried out at that time of day when the building in which the test of the SVC, the largest observed according to the respective water consumption services. As a result of the technical state inspection and testing of internal fire water supply to water loss are made in the relevant Acts 2 copies.