04.Engineering, Telecommunication and multimedia system

“The company “GRAND ATOM” provides a full complex of services on equipping of engineering and information systems for objects of industrial, civil and special construction.”

The application on the phone. Expeditious departure of the expert. Delivery of contract right in your office.

Shoygu. And most importantly: to find out whether the object is equipped with modern automatic installations of fire protection, allowing you to transfer via wireless communications a signal of operation of automatic machines to control communications fire and rescue departments. The Minister demanded the repair or replacement of defective power lines and electrical equipment, equip boarding primary fire extinguishing means and individual means of respiratory protection.

  1. General power supply system
  2. The system of uninterrupted and guaranteed power supply
  3. Electrical distribution subsystem
  4. Subsystem internal lighting
  5. Subsystem external lighting
  6. Grounding system, lightning protection and surge protection
  7. System industrial air conditioning of technological rooms
  8. System of technological cold supply
  9. Heating system
  10. The water supply system
  11. The drainage system, including drainage system
  12. System General ventilation
  13. Smoke ventilation system
  14. System process ventilation
  15. System comfort air conditioning of office and support facilities
  16. Structured cabling system
  17. The system of cable channels
  18. Data network
  19. Telephone system
  20. Automated system of dispatching, monitoring and control of engineering systems
  21. System backup and data storage (systems engineering, CTO)
  22. Local computing network
  23. Essential, satellite and cable TV
  24. Telephone system
  25. Radio and audio broadcast
  26. Master clock
  27. Videoconference
  28. Audio / videoosnaschenie conference rooms
  29. Multimedia equipment
  30. Installation of automated accounting systems for apartment houses and cottage settlements
  31. GSM-alarm signaling from the Web interface. Security and video surveillance over the Internet for home and office
  32. GSM Alarm with cloud resource panel
  33. Telemetry and security services