04.Fire protection systems

This protection of your object. An application on the phone. Operational travel expert. contract delivery right into your office.

"We must deal with the technical state of these objects." "... There are often simply do not have basic fire-fighting equipment. 40 percent of the institutions of this kind, in any case, the data that are presented to me today, operated without automatic alarm system and notification of people in case of fire. Therefore, we need to keep fire safety issues under constant control, especially in secondary schools, in institutions, in nursing homes, medical and social facilities. " Russian Prime Minister Medvedev DA
"The total amount of fines is very small, for one act about 6-7 thousand rubles, it is no money for the builders. Therefore, you do not take the number and effectiveness of measures taken and response stiffness. You do not have tails builders enter, they must themselves fulfill those requirements that apply to the construction." Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin