04.Integrated Security System

Full control. The application on the phone. Expeditious departure of the expert. Delivery of contract right in your office.

"There is a unique breakthrough technology in the field of protection of human life. EMERCOM of Russia jointly with the interior Ministry for many years implements serious projects in the integrated safety population. In more than 20 regions of the country implemented the program "Safe city", - said Vladimir Puchkov. The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov
"The efficiency of these systems while ensuring the safety of residents is growing every year. So, according to the interior Ministry of Russia in the first half of this year with the use of technology identified more than 11.1 thousand offences and issued almost 9 million protocols on administrative offences. Another important factor affecting the efficiency of surveillance systems, preventive effect, which is achieved by placement of the cameras and informing the public about the saturation of urban infrastructure systems of visual control. The growth of the infrastructure requires special services all this "smart electronics". Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev