05. NORMA Group

NORMA Group – a global leader in engineering and technological solutions with 60 years of manufacturing experience and product development. With about 6,000 employees, the company has developed a global network of production facilities with a lot of sites on the marketing and distribution of products in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. The Group produces a full range of innovative engineering and technology products, occupying the leading position as a provider of solutions. Through dedication to quality and technological leadership, NORMA Group has won the trust of more than 10 000 customers in more than 100 countries.

Subject of a contract

– To conduct an independent examination of fire risk services (address of the object: Togliatti Street Borkovskaya, 36a.);
– Measures for fire safety;
– Services for Customer Service.


Contact: +49 (6181) 403-210
Address: NORMA Group SE Postfach 1149 D-63461 Maintal Edisonstr. 4 D-63477 Maintal