04.Defining categories for explosion and fire hazard class and zones according to the Rules for Electrical Installation

GC «GRAND ATOM» calculates categories explosion and fire danger production and storage facilities (premises) of varying degrees of difficulty. As specialists define zones class in the Regulations for Electrical Installation (PUE). In accordance with paragraph 20 of Government Decree requirements of number 390 (on the fire-fighting mode), head of the organization ensures the availability on the doors of the premises of industrial and warehouse premises and outdoor installations designation of categories on the explosion and fire hazards, as well as zones class in accordance with Chapters 5, 7 and 8 of the Federal law “Technical regulations on fire safety requirements”. According to the requirements of fire safety regulations (NPB 110-03) and codes of practice (COP 5.13130-2009) the choice of fire protection of industrial and warehouse buildings (premises) depends on the category of fire hazard. These documents set method calculations categories of buildings and premises, the result of which becomes the assignment of premises categories (A, B, B1-B4, D, E) and buildings (A, B, C, D, E). In the course of the calculation produces a sequence checking membership of rooms or buildings to a certain category – from highest (A) to the lower (D).

Based on the building categories, decisions: for the fire resistance of building structures; for emergency ventilation systems; the installation of automatic fire-extinguishing systems; the organization of fire compartments and the construction of fire barriers. The main regulatory document for determining the classes of zones are Electrical Installations Regulations (PUE). This document identifies the following zones classes: explosive (B-I, B-la, B-Ib, Id B, B-II, B-IIa); flammable (P-I, P-II, P-IIa, II-III). Class zone affects the electrical performance, working in the area and in areas related to this zone. Optimally to make calculations to determine the categories of buildings and premises on the explosion and fire danger zones and determination of classes together.

Relying on the extensive experience of GK «GRAND ATOM» settlement offers you a variety of options to optimize the definition of the category of the premises or the building as a whole, in order to reduce costs for the design, construction or reconstruction. Important! In the event of a fire emergency calculation of visually defining the category space, chooses extinguishing method that significantly reduces secondary damage from the fire!