04.Development and production of evacuation plans

Evacuation plans are diagrams that are marked contours rooms, corridors, staircases in buildings, where they can stay and work people. In addition, a fire escape plan contains rules for evacuation, the data in the order and sequence of actions to be taken in an emergency. The diagrams symbols (elements) indicated escape routes, evacuation and emergency exits, fire fighting equipment location, emergency telephone, first aid tools and other means of salvation (eg, gas masks and so on. D.).

On plans for the evacuation of all decoded symbols applied to them, as well as the rules of human behavior, order and sequence of actions in an emergency (emergency) situations. Creating evacuation plans regulated by GOST R 12.2.143-2009. The buildings and structures (except residential buildings) at single finding on the floor more than 10 people must be developed and prominently posted plans (schemes) evacuation of people in case of fire, as well as a system for (setting) of the people of the fire alarm. GC «GRAND ATOM» develops and makes plans for the evacuation of any complexity in the shortest possible time. Evacuation plans are made format of the A2, A3, A4. Plans are made of hard plastic with the use of photoluminescent materials.