04.Subsystem security alarm

GC «GRAND ATOM» on the basis carries out professional activities on the design, installation, maintenance of fire-alarm.

Main technical solutions and placement of hardware alarm system.
exit door to the stairwell, exit doors and transom windows are blocked magnetic detector for opening. The magnet installed in the upper part of the door or window sidelight from the protected premises. Reed switch detectors preferably mounted on a fixed part of the structure.

Locking the internal volume of the premises carried out by means of electro-optical sensors. The detectors are designed to detect intrusion into a protected space indoors and the formation of alarm notification by opening the output signal relay. IR principle is based on the channel registering heat flux changes occurring at the intersection of a detection zone, which consists of the sensitive zones.

The windows are protected by detectors on breaking the protection of surface sound. The detector is designed to detect the breaking of glass, glazed structures enclosed spaces and the formation of alarm notification by opening the output signal relay. The sensitive element of the acoustic channel is an electret microphone with a built-in amplifier. The microphone converts the sound waves into electrical signals which are amplified and fed to the microcontroller. The microcontroller according to the specified operation algorithm decides whether there is destruction of the glass surface or a low-frequency and high-frequency noise and generates a corresponding notification. The location chosen according to instruction manual.

Status alarm loops is displayed on the LCD keypad. When arming is activated siren light, and audible warning is activated when an alarm occurs. The detectors are connected cable KSPV 4h0,5.