01.Приказ об итогах подготовки и проведения противопожарной тренировки


(name of company)


“__” __________ 201__g. Your city

On the results of the preparation and conduct fire training

In accordance with the requirements of Art. 37 of the Federal Law of 21 December 1994 “On Fire Safety» № 69-FZ, and in order to develop specific solutions on the results of fire training ORDER:

1. Recognize the satisfactory preparation and conduct of fire evacuation drills and fire conventional fire at the facility.

2. The Deputy Director General ___________________________________________-

(Surname, initials)

prepare visual aids for the actions of employees priprovedenii training up to “__” _________ 201__ g

3. The heads of departments and services with subordinate employees hold unscheduled briefings on how to act in case of fire, taking into account a compilation of the results of the fire training.

4. reprimanded the head of department number ____________________________________________ __

(Surname, initials)

room for clutter and other combustible waste, clutter approaches to primary fire extinguishing equipment, identified in the fire training.

5. Encourage engineers responsible for the state of automatic fire protection systems.

6. Warn managers and their personal responsibility for the condition of service of fire safety on the slave work stations and the proper organization of firefighting instruction.

7. Chief of Staff to familiarize with the order ___________________________________

(Surname, initials)

my deputies, heads of departments and services, the persons specified in the order, in so far as they related, under the painting.

8. The enforcement of this Order shall be the chief engineer ._________________________

(Surname, initials)

CEO __________________________________________________

(Surname, initials)

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