04.Independent fire risk assessment

When 3-year guaranteed with no planned inspections UNM Emergency Situations Ministry and fines.
Fines from 150 000 to 1 000 000 rubles.
An application on the phone. Consideration 1 hour. contract delivery right into your office. Join expert opinion.
Checking fire control?
Every day counts.

The structural unit of the group of companies «GRAND ATOM» LLC “Garant” carries out expert activities of independent fire risk assessment on the basis of the certificate of accreditation №660 / V / 0619 issued by the Federal State institution” State expertise in the field of civil defense, prevention of emergency situations of natural and man-made disasters, fire safety, “emergency situations Ministry. The calculation is performed in-house staff certified company. The procedure for an independent evaluation of the fire risk:

  • the consideration of an application for an independent evaluation of the fire risk, leaving the customer to object GC specialists «GRAND ATOM», preparation of an act of the initial examination, the conclusion of the contract; approval risk assessment program and composition of the expert group;
  • analysis of documents that characterize the level of fire safety of the facility; Object examination and comparison with the norms approved by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of July 22, 2008 N 123-FZ “Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements”; calculation of fire risks, in accordance with the procedure approved by the legislation; tests and examinations;
  • Preparation of documentation on risk assessment and issue an expert opinion on the property. The issued an expert opinion in the text concludes on compliance or non-compliance of the object of protection regulatory requirements for fire safety;
  • to develop a schedule of activities to ensure compliance with the prescribed conditions, in which the object will meet fire safety requirements; control over elimination of the identified deficiencies;
  • Check the conclusion of the territorial bodies of UPM Russia.GC «GRAND ATOM» ensures that, after the registration of the independent assessment of fire risk, UNM planned inspection authorities in respect of monitoring facilities will not be held for 3 years. GC «GRAND ATOM» recommends that customers use this service prior to the scheduled inspection of the UPM and the prosecutor’s office. If such a check has already begun, an independent assessment of the fire risk must be carried out as quickly as possible to sign up an expert opinion already become a significant softening obstoyatelstvom.Vazhno remember that UNM body is not entitled to assess the completeness and accuracy of the conclusion of the independent evaluation of the fire risk in the surveillance object. Help
New forms of conformity - declaration of fire safety and fire audit. The right to declare already used by more than half a million legal entities. Organized by the reception of declarations using gosudarstvennog8o portal, as well as the involvement of independent experts to select the most appropriate option Fire Protection, taking into account the level of its potential dangers and economic opportunities. At the same time, in their relation to carrying out planned inspections by the regulatory authorities not being implemented.
Make the appropriate changes in the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences, providing for strengthening the responsibility of property owners, and setting the level of fines for violation of fire safety requirements, enabling the implementation of fire prevention measures to protect the lens.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has supported the Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergei Shoigu proposal to create a head firefighter audits to combat bribery and corruption in the field of fire control. "In the financial sector there is a clear thing as an audit ... We offer the exact same thing to do in the field of fire control, to minimize the facts of bribery, corruption and bribery in the field of supervision," - said Shoigu at a meeting with the president of Russia. "It's time," - said Putin on this. Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov: "Minister of the Russian Federation President VV Report Putin "from 27.12.2013g. number 42-1523-19