05. RT-Invest

“RT-Invest” company has been in the investment market for more than 3 years. The company is engaged in direct investment, as well as the creation and management of investment funds in the Russian and foreign markets. The main objects of “RT-Invest ‘investment are rapidly developing company in the field of industrial technologies, transport telematics and information systems, as well as the treatment of the waste sector, and the manufacturing of building materials.

Subject of a contract

– Installation and commissioning of CCTV systems;
– Installation of exterior lighting systems;
– Installation of network systems;
– Installation and commissioning of control systems and access control;
– Project work, installation and commissioning of the alarm system;
– Project work, installation and commissioning of automatic fire alarm systems and alarm / evacuation management. (Address of the object: Togliatti, Zhukov st, 2.);


Contacts: + 7 (495) 374-80-54.
property Address: 115184, Russia, Moscow, ul. Bol’shaya Tatarskaya, d. 9