04.Smoke and gas removal system

Engineering company «GRANDATOM», specializes in the supply, installation, design of ventilation systems, smoke removal systems, air conditioning and heating.
The system of ventilation and smoke – an integral part of the communications of each building and necessarily must be present in the multi-storey residential buildings, country houses, offices and industrial facilities. It is important to note that in the absence of data utilities object undergoes administrative responsibility Inspectorate UNM Emergency Situations Ministry.
Engineering services «GRANDATOM» – this:


Installation of the system of supply and exhaust smoke ventilation of buildings is carried out in order to block or limit the spread of the combustion products in premises security zones, the paths and ways of evacuation following fire departments when working to save lives, the detection and localization of the hearth fire in the building.


It’s not about excessive comfort. Technically correct wall mounting ventilation ensures the exchange of air in the premises for removal of excess heat, moisture, hazardous and other substances in order to ensure acceptable meteorological conditions and air purity in the service or the work area, with an average of insecurity 400 hours a year – at the clock work and 300 hours year – in one shift during the day. If a person is in a room equipped with a ventilation system, he feels the freshness and fullness of power, which certainly improves the mood and increases efficiency.


When operating the control actuators equipment smoke ventilation is carried out automatically (by the automatic fire alarm system and (or) of automatic fire suppression) and remote (with remote duty shift dispatching personnel and by buttons installed at the emergency exits from floors or fire cabinets) modes SP 7.13130.2009. Evaluation of the technical condition of smoke ventilation systems at the sites of new construction and reconstruction, as well as buildings operated done in accordance with GOST 53300. For reliable and smooth functioning of automatic fire protection systems must be a single object technical tinning.
«GRANDATOM», offers a special individual approach to each client and ensures the provision of services at a high level.
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