04.Аccess control

GC «GRAND ATOM» carries out installation and subscription services access control systems. access control systems (ACS) solves the problem of limited access to the territory and premises of the object of protection of undesirable persons, provides a comprehensive and detailed control of all movements of personnel. The system automatically carries out a detailed collection of data on all the facts pass through an access point for a certain period of time, indicating the person’s identity and the passage of time. Access control systems can be integrated with fire alarm systems, automatic fire extinguishing, control engineering equipment, video surveillance, which allows you to view the object security to a new level. The function of the control systems and access control is not limited to the scope of business, where its use has become an essential symbol of the respectable image of a large company. ACS also used in social institutions, in apartments in country houses and even in hotels.

  • The functional purpose of access control:
  • Control and limitation of access to the building
  • Protecting information and assets
  • Operational tracking
  • Controlling labor discipline and automated time tracking
  • Automate registration and accounting of passes, time cards
  • Additional functionality

The most common and simple version of the stand-alone system – it’s electric lock mounted on the door and the reader is placed in front of the door. The key access cards are magnetic and remote radio card. Readers may be segmental or global access. All entrances and exits to the area of the object can be mounted electronic control turnstiles. In such a complex access control system employs a significant number of readers, which are combined into a single system based on a central control panel. The most complex networked systems access tolkopozvolyayut not implement multi-level access control management but also allow you to organize an electronic database of working hours of staff. Specialists of «GRAND ATOM» have the technical ability to carry out installation of access control systems capable of functioning autonomously anywhere in the passage, even if you disable the host computer or the entire power supply facility that is provided by connecting the ACS to the emergency power supply.
GC «GRAND ATOM» guarantees significant economic benefit from the introduction of ACS, which would be clearly noticeable in a few months. increase the level of security and work discipline on the next day.