04.Fire alarm system and fire alarm voice

GC «GRAND ATOM» on the basis of a license MOE carries out professional activities on the design, installation, maintenance of automatic fire alarm (AFA) and warning systems and evacuation management (SOUE).
Fire alarm and alert – compulsory elements of the security system of any object: from the shopping center to the large industrial enterprises. Automatic fire alarm system – a set of sensors and reception bar, instantly notifies you of the occurrence of an emergency alarm.
The main purpose of SOUE – it promptly informing people about emergency and evacuation management in the building. In the event of a device with an automatic fire alarm alarm notification system starts to send an SOS message, recorded in the memory unit or the controller read out. Installation of fire alarm and detection system is based on the project documentation. At design of automatic fire alarm and SOUE carried out a full examination of the Customer object: the defining characteristics of materials, the presence of flammable materials, fire load, the degree of fire resistance of the building, fire rating class and explosion on PUE zone functionality, climatic and other features; performed the selection of technical equipment for the installation of an automatic fire alarm and SOUE; developed a block diagram.
GC «GRAND ATOM» as part of the monthly maintenance of automatic fire alarm and SOUE performed the following range of services:

  • debug and verification setup automatic fire alarm and SOUE;
  • thorough cleaning of the equipment from dust and dirt;
  • cleaning units and system units;
  • check block resistance and voltage readings, current readings of power;
  • detection of visible damage to the equipment;
  • check and repair connectors and connections;
  • software verification.

Additionally, smoke alarms may provide a control signal to start the automatic fire extinguishing systems, form teams to turn off ventilation and smoke removal systems including escape routes. It is important that the installation of an automatic fire alarm and SOUE guaranteed to reduce the potential damage.