04.The system of detection of subversive and terrorist funds.

Experts of the company «GRAND ATOM» carried out the installation of detection systems subversive and terrorist funds.
The detection system of subversive and terrorist funds are united together in a single set of the following elements: video block, thermal unit, the radio unit, the optical unit, imaging unit, processing unit and data reception and transmission, as well as a control unit.
Function of the main system elements:

  • Video block is required to observe the object in the visible range;
  • Thermal unit for displaying and / or visualizing thermal image of the observed object;
  • The radio is required for on-site detection of concealed signs of explosives, explosives and / or other subversive and terrorist assets, and to create an activating radiation;
  • Optical assembly is mounted to form an image of the observed object in the visible range and thermal
  • Imaging device is designed to display video and thermal images as well as display more information,
  • Processing unit and data reception and transmission is necessary for the processing of data through information channels, and is a major element of the communication channel between the system components
  • The control unit is required to provide a control system drives.