01.SP 10.13130.2009. Fire protection systems. Internal fire water. Fire safety requirements

1. General Provisions
1.1 This set of rules developed in accordance with Articles 45, 60, 62, 106 and 107 of the Federal Law of July 22, 2008 № 123-FZ “Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements” is a regulatory document on fire safety in the use of voluntary standardization and sets fire safety requirements for internal fire line.
1.2 This set of rules applies to the projected and reconstructed internal fire line.
1.3 This set of rules does not apply to internal fire water supply:

buildings and structures, designed according to special technical conditions;
companies producing or storing explosive and highly flammable combustible materials;
D for extinguishing fires (GOST 27331) as well as reactive substances and materials, including:
– Reacting to the agent with the explosion (aluminum compounds, alkali metals);
– Decomposing the interaction to the agent with the release of combustible gases (organolithium compounds, lead azide, hydrides of aluminum, zinc, magnesium);
– Interacting with the extinguishing agent with a strong exothermic effect (sulfuric acid, titanium chloride, thermal);
– Spontaneously combustible substances (sodium hydrosulfite, and others.).
1.4 This set of rules can be used in the development of special technical conditions for the design and construction of buildings.

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