01.SP 2.13130.2009. Fire protection systems. Fire resistance of the protection of objects

1 area of use
1.1 This set of rules is developed in accordance with Article 87 of the Federal Law Rus-
Russian Federation of July 22, 2008 № 123-FZ “Technical Regulations on fire requirements
Security “is a regulatory document on fire safety in the field of standardization
tion of voluntary application and specifies the general requirements for fire resistance
protection of facilities, including buildings, structures and fire compartments (hereinafter – the objects
protection), on the stages of design, construction, repair and reconstruction, as well as
other works related to the total or partial replacement of building structures, filling replacement
tions openings in structures to normalized fire resistance, as well as
Change the class of functional fire danger.
1.2 The normative and technical documentation for building constructions, products and
Materials must contain their fire-technical characteristics, which are covered by this
set of rules.
1.3 Fire prevention regulations and requirements of the system of normative documents in construction
It should be based on the requirements of the present set of rules.
Along with these set of rules must be respected fire detail the requirements specified
conjugated to other regulations on fire safety, approved in the established
order. These regulations may include additions, refinements and changes in provisions
tions of this rulebook, taking into account the features of functionality and specificity
Fire protection of certain types of protection facilities.


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